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Tourist Spots


santiak1Santiak Beach
For beach bums looking for an idyllic retreat to unwind, Santiak beach is the place to go. This privately owned resort is open to accommodate tourists who want to enjoy the beach all to themselves. Its just a 10-minute boat ride from the wharf. The fine white sand, clear blue water and the lush backdrop beginning to gain reputation as a perfect setting for prenuptial photo sessions among the locals and couples from the nearby towns. You can chose to rent a boat to explore the other white sand beach near the area or you can just enjoy the cold breeze by the shore with a fresh buko juice picked just for you.


Tayandak White Beach

One tourist attraction that Kalamansig naturally has is its White Beach at Barangay Dumangas Nuevo, comparable and even more alluring than the presently well-admired. Its fresh, cool air makes one relaxed and with the clear blue waters one could satisfy himself on the lovely sight of colorful starfishes and corals of different shapes while having swimming and joy riding on boat. White, fine sand is so smooth to the touch that one can really enjoy nature's beauty. Have a dip at its blue waters. To get there, take a motorized cab and in about 20 min. and on foot for another 20 min. uphill you can reach the place.


Danawan Island

This beach, locally known as Balut,found at the Danawan island is the most popular attraction in Kalamansig. Be ready for a 35-minute breathtaking boat ride with the scenic seascape abounding in the place. You will never take your eyes off the beautiful rock formations stretching alongside the numerous white sand beaches on the way to the island. The picturesque white sand beach of Balut offers an equally beautiful view underwater. Sheltered as a marine sanctuary, this is a perfect haven for snorkelers. Colorful and diverse marine life can already be viewed while preparing to disembark from your boat. If you’re planning to visit this island, bring along your goggles for an extra dose of fun and a camera to capture it.




Poral Beach

Seeking to find relaxation on week-ends with family and friends, chatting over freshly broiled fish and even taking a nap under luxuriant trees and small cottages, the Poral Beach at Brgy, Sta. Maria could be a promising place. A very lovely place for lovers as they whisper their sweet-nothings while watching the sun setting at the horizon. Poral beach can also be a very ideal place for reunions, recollections and celebrations. For sports enthusiasts, the place is so good for surfing and swimming on the dancing waves. Beach sport games could be ideally played because of its wide shores especially during low tides. Just about 3 kms. away from the Poblacion, one can get there by tricycle passing Brgy. Sta. Maria proper or by boat from the kalamansig wharf.Spend a little but have fun and enjoyment to your heart's content!

limulan 2Limulan Falls

Situated at Barangay Limulan, Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat is a magnificent water falls so named after the barangay itself. Some water from nearby creeks and streams flow and circulate here creating a wonderful site of falling waters. An  adventurer who came over to this falls has her to say: "For nature-lovers, this is one spot you never want to miss visiting when you are in Kalamansig. The trail on the way to the falls is already a leisure worth recounting. It’s a 10-minute drive from the town proper and another 20-minute trek full of adventure. You will have to cross Limulan river on foot adding thrill to your hiking experience. If hiking is not your style, horseback riding might just sound interesting, as local folks of the place offer a ride to the falls for your comfort. The refreshing view of Limulan falls bids a
worthy excursion."








Paril Falls

An exciting trip to Barangay Paril by boat across the deep blue waters of the Celebes will bring one to an admirable Paril Falls with its amusing rock formation and gently falling waters. A serene, amusing place ideal for swimming, picnic and adventure, Paril Falls prove to be one.







Sangay Fallssangay

Typical of any water fall in the country is the Sangay Falls which is so ideal for swimming and picnic activities of families and teens. Cold, clear, crystal water add to the mystic beauty of the place. Verdant trees growing in the vicinity make the air refreshingly cool that  could truly be a healthful venue for elders and young alike.

The place can be easily reached by boat for one hour from the Poblacion proper of Kalamansig to Barangay Paril then by single motor from Barangay Paril to Barangay Sangay  proper it is about five kilometers to the place by motor.




Sabanal Falls

See for yourself  and enjoy the amazing and breath-taking Sabanal Falls located at Barangay Sabanal. The tallest waterfall ever in the municipality, it pours out a volume of water that could possibly run a hydro power plant that could energize the whole municipality. Favored with gently flowing, crystal water running down the strong rocks like a bride's veil, Sabanal Falls deem to be a supremely great venue for picnic, swimming spree, sight-seeing and other outdoor ventures. Photographers may also enjoy capturing the scenic beauty of the place.

A sight to behold... that's Sabanal Falls!











Another potential tourist attraction of the Municipality is the remarkable sun setting which occurred every twilight time.    The scenario is quite fascinating as the sun gradually finds its place at the western part of the Municipality.  Sun setting is visible to all coastal barangays as it also served as perfect background for meditation, relaxation, and bonding  with family, peers and friends.   The silent wave   ushers the fishing vessels of the fishermen going to the fishing ground which symbolizes hope, unity and peace among the people of Kalamansig.


plaza 1

Municipal Plaza

What one can best possibly boast for and be proud of, is the breath-taking beauty of the Kalamansig Municipal Plaza fronting the very colorful image of the Municipal Hall Building. Trees of various varieties grow around the whole of the plaza and the municipal hall with hundreds of verdant Cypress trees so planted and fantastically growing within the plaza serving as shade for those who wish to relax at the plaza during the day and a sight at night with sprouting waters from a fountain so constructed right in the heart of the plaza. Across the street from the plaza is a mini forest with growing sky high trees of different variety.

plaza 2



How many Kalamansiguenos have actually been to this area and viewed the exciting beauty of this portion of our town? We have all the time been missing the beautiful and wonderful scenery of Kalamansig Hidden for so long but now slowly but surely being exposed to the world.





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