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Foremost, I would like to give credit to the people who envisioned and made the establishment of our official website a reality. This undertaking marks the beginning of our relentless effort to market Kalamansig in the global spectrum – worthy to be envied and visited and at par with other beautiful places around the world.

Our world is constantly changing. Almost every day, we see how new and better technologies render obsolete existing ones. In the field of communications, we have become more global, closer and more interactive. In just a click of a cursor, information can be accessed in a wider scope and in an awesome magnitude.

For those who fear this overwhelming phenomenon, they prefer to stay in their comfort zones eventually finding themselves overtaken by those who utilize technology to their advantage. This is what we call the “fear of the unknown” and not facing it can lead to cataclysmic consequences. For us, it is never a matter of fear but it is the direct opposite as a thing of an exciting opportunity which we can harness in various manners to gain greater grounds for ourselves and our community.

In the marketing perspective, there are only three kinds of people- those who make things happen, those who wait for things to happen and those who wonder why things happen. Of course, we do not want to wait nor wonder. We always want to be first and if we might be a little late, we definitely can strive to be the best

I therefore call on all Kalamansiguenos to rally behind our campaign to proudly tell the world what they are missing; that somewhere in the far, remote and at times troublesome area of Mindanao, there exist a paradise of unparalleled captivating beauty. With our unique natural endowments and as long as we can forge lasting unity among our people, there can never be any doubt that Kalamansig will become one of the brightest stars in the constellation of natural wonders.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!


Municipal Mayor


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