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Kalamansig Web Team


"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible".

The Kalamansig Web Team is a group of individuals strongly bonded together by a seemingly impossible DREAM - A dream of united and progressive Kalamansig, despite of its colorful background and virtually unknown stature. A dream that can only come true if Kalamansigueños will work hand in hand. And the time to do that is…NOW.

Driven, despite of adversities, the ragtag group composed of 4 dreamers, namely: Mr. Ronan Eugene C. Garcia, Ms. Coleen Gay V. Reglos, Engr. Arlene S. Olivar (from Lebak, Sultan Kudarat) and Engr. Martin Angelo Dideles  our IT Consultant (from Koronadal City, South Cotabato - Operation Manager of Infoactiv IT Solutions www.activengineering.com and www.iitacademy.com) grew in what is now called the “Kalamansig e-Government Web Team”. By virtue of Executive Order number 3  series of 2011, the Kalamansig Web Development Team was created. The same EO signed by Municipal Mayor Rolando P. Garcia gave birth to the official website of Municipality of Kalamansig. The domain name www.kalamansig.gov.ph was adopted and became the official publication of the Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat.

Consequently, Executive Order number 4, series of 2011 formally created the Editorial Board of the official publication and website of the municipality, they are:

Florante R. Molud             --------------- Editor-in-Chief
Pedelyn H. Caguing          --------------- Managing Editor
Faisal S. Lala                    --------------- Editorial Assistant
Emeliana Valdez               --------------- Associate Editor
Analyn H. Villanueva        -------------- Associate Editor
Engr. Valenciene C. Panila --------------- Finance / Logistics
Engr. Arlene S. Olivar        --------------- Design and Photography
Jenelyn F. Aboc                ---------------- Arts and Lay Out Editor
Vincent M. Caang             ---------------- Features Editor
Randy P. Benagua            ---------------- News Editor
Coleen Gay V. Reglos       ---------------- Event and affairs Coordinator
Ernie P. Quillo                   ----------------- Staff Writer / Researcher
Zea Mae T. Apatan          ---------------- Staff Writer / Encoder
Roselynn I. Montes         ----------------- Staff Writer / Encoder
Ronan Eugene C. Garcia  ---------------- Moderator/Consultant
MUNICIPALITY OF KALAMANSIG --------------- Publisher

The launching of the official website, the influx of fresh ideas and the growing public participation and cooperation to programs of the Local Government Unit of Kalamansig are just yet small indication of great things that can happen because we all DREAM.

Florante R. Molud
- - -
Pedelyn H. Caguing
Managing Editor
Engr. Valenciene C. Panila
Finance / Logistics
Faisal S. Lala
Editorial Assistant
- - -
Emeliana Valdez
Associate Editor
Engr. Arlene S. Olivar
Design and Photography
Analyn H. Villanueva
Associate Editor
- - -
Vincent M. Caang
Features Editor
Randy P. Benagua
News Editor
Jenelyn F. Aboc
Arts and Lay-Out Editor
- -
Ernie P. Quillo
Staff Writer / Researcher
Zea Mae T. Apatan
Staff Writer / Encoder
Coleen Gay V. Reglos
Event and affairs Coordinator
Roselyn I. Montes
Staff Writer/Encoder

Engr. Martin Angelo Dideles
Web and IT Consultant



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