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The Magic 9


The Magic 9


It started on September 05, 2010,

That we had our first gathering.

We met and talked about many things,

Which brought us to deeper bonding.


From that time, we found our new company,

Having exemplary goals to many.

We modeled ourselves to everybody.

So that we could influence in a good way.


Sometimes, we encountered challenges,

That tested our giftedness.

But since we were well-founded

These made us strong bounded.

We had never asked for this companionship,

That developed into a meaningful friendship.

We thanked God for this wonderful gift.

For we have been high-spirited.


We named our group Magic Nine,

For we had common interest, purpose and mind.

Good fellowship has been what we have desired,

So we could achieve peace, love and harmony we have admired.


Magic 9, we must make our share,

To have authentic legacy to one another.

Commend your faith to our Almighty,

And He will continue to bless our way.




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