Message of the Vice Mayor



Dear Constituents,

Greetings of Peace!

It has been dreamed of by our Local Government that we can connect to the world thru technology that we have today – the internet technology. It is not just by communicating with our loved ones but also by enjoying the beauty of the said technology and its versatility. We likewise educate ourselves about its usefulness and morality as a tool by which we communicate to the world as moral users.

As an expression of great appreciation for such versatile technology, we manifest our enthusiasm in sharing to the world the beauty of our most beloved Kalamansig. It is with great feeling that we Kalamansiguenos are bless with beautiful nature that we can be proud of. It is likewise with flaming but humble hopes that in posting to our website everything that we would like to share on-line, it is ourselves that we are posting; for the beauty of our municipality reflects our beauty as its constituents. Hoping that a lot of people would get into our website, there is nothing to fear about; for we launched it with beautiful intentions and hopes anchored on the belief in one God who has never ceased providing us with good things.

Finally, I am cordially inviting all Kalamansiguenos and the rest of the world to keep browsing our website.



Municipal Vice Mayor


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