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DOH to Build a Tertiary Hospital for KALEPA


Just recently, February 23, 2012, the municipality of Lebak hosted the regular meeting held at Romer’s Resort attended by the followimg members:

Hon. Rolando P. Garcia                      Kalamansig Mayor/KALEPA Chairman

Hon. Dionesio B. Besana                    Lebak Mayor/KALEPA Treasurer

Hon. Janrie Tanangonan, MD             SB on Health Lebak/KALEPA Auditor

Hon. Carlito Buenaflor                       SB on Health Kalamansig

Dr. Henry Lastimoso                          Asst. Provincial Health Officer

Dr. Idette Lucille S. Urrutia                 Chief of Hospital Kalmanasig/KALEPA Vice Chairman

Dr. Samuel de Manuel                        Chief of Hospital Lebak Community Hospital

Dr. Johnny Y. Tan                              MHO Lebak

Dr. Marife C. Aruta                             MHO Kalamansig

Dr. Ramil Cruz                                   MHO Palimbang

Engr. Edgar Almaquer                        DohRep Lebak & Kalamansig

Modesto Pacleb                                  DohRep Palimbang

James F. Dapitan, RN                         PHN

Jeffrey Oyas, RN                                PHN

One of the major projects tackled was the building of referral hospital for the three municipalities which will be sponsored by the DOH. At present, Kalamansig Municipal Hospital (KMH) was considered as the referral hospital as agreed upon by KALEPA.

This year the tertiary hospital is being constructed at Brgy. Barurao II ,Lebak, Sultan Kudarat wherein the lot is donated by Mayor Dionesio B. Besana ( mayor of Lebak). The creation of such hospital will be of great help to the KALEPA constituents since it will be equipped with complete facilities to ensure specialized services. The ultimate goal for having a tertiary level hospital is to raise the level of health of the citizenry by providing health facility that would lessen the burden of the family in transporting their patient to distant hospitals. This is now the answer to the emergency cases that the health workers long encounter. Transporting a patient to seek higher level of treatment needs so much assistance that’s why a major responsibility of and the greatest challenge to the DOH as an executive agency of the government is to provide an effective health care system for the whole population.

A tertiary hospital shall be the referral hospital to provide the services not available at local communities through effective channels of referrals. Therefore, barangay health stations will be playing a major role being the first level referring system. RHU as the second level will be responsible in identifying patients to be referred to the tertiary level. It shall make use of appropriate possible, indigenous technology, provide appropriate low cost drugs, supplies, equipment and other health facilities.

Mayor Garcia for this matter appreciated so much the idea of having a tertiary hospital in Lebak and for the concern of DOH to the KALEPA community but he also felt sad for the Kalamansigueños because of the fact that Kalamansig itself doesn’t have a resident physician and the only hospital located at Sta. Maria will be merged with the KALEPA tertiary hospital. He worries for his constituents who will be travelling to Lebak in order to be admitted and seek for medical assistance especially during night time. He begged Dr. Idette Lucille S. Urrutia not to leave Kalamansig in as much as he wanted to secure the health of the people. One thing more, the good mayor asked the Provincial Health Team to provide an ambulance for Kalamansig to be used in transporting patients to the referral hospital. This would be the least he could do to make it easier in a way for his constituents.

Further plans will be discussed on the next meetings and the public will be informed regularly for the updates on this matter.


Tata Mastura (RHU)


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