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Kalamansig was formerly the town center of the neighboring municipality of Lebak in the north. However, in 1951, the seat of government of the Municipality of Lebak, province of Cotabato was transferred from Kalamansig to Salaman in the north.

Ten years later, Carlos P. Garcia signed Executive Order 459 dated December 29, 1961,[4] creating the municipality of Kalamansig from certain barangays of Lebak and Palimbang.

From Lebak, 20 barangays were taken: Kalamansig, Lun, Pitas, Dansalan, Pedtegenan, Madu, Port Lebak, Lenek, Sta. Clara, Sebayor, Nalilidan, Bosawon, Calubcub, Camp III, Poral, Limulan, Simsiman, Cadiz and Tipudos.

Meanwhile, 8 barangays were taken from Palimbang: Sangay, Mat, Danawan, Paril, Babancao, Basiawan, Narra and North Kulaman.




Like most municipalities in the Philippines, Kalamansig traces its name from various legendary origins. A popular folklore among the Manobos, a tribe of people who were among the earliest inhabitants of the place, explained that the name originated from a phrase “Kulaman-su-wayeg”, which literally translates as “Kulaman in the water”. Kulaman is said to be a famous Sultan of the Valley during the seventeenth century. According to the legend, a long famine came to the place and the Sultan, who was a loving father and provider to his family, ventured alone and gathered cassava, a staple food of the Manobos, for their consumption. Before returning home, the Sultan decided to wash the root crop in a river, but a sudden and strong river current arrived and swept the aging Sultan from his feet, carrying him downstream and was drowned in the process. His body was later found and recovered downriver, coining the word “Kulaman-sa-ig” (Kulaman in the water).

The name evolved into “Kalamansig” which later become the official name. In honor of this Manobo tribal leader, the river where he was found was named after him and later, the entire upper valley was called “Kulaman”. This barangay is now part of the Municipality of Sen. Ninoy Aquino.








































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