Kalamansig to celebrate 1st-ever Salagaan Festival


Salagaan is a Manobo instrument used to pound rice to remove its husk. While pounding the rice the Salagaan  produces a beautiful pounding sound thus was also used as a musical instrument. Salagaan for the Manobos, signifies "Bountiful Harvest" and playing and dancing to its rhythm is a main part of their post harvest celebration.

The Municipal Government of Kalamansig will hold its first Salagaan Festival on the whole month of July 2017. This festivity will serve as a celebration of our Bountiful Harvest, showcasing every resource that Kalamansig has, being marked as the “Bayang Pinagpala”; emphasizing on the Revival of Culture and Traditions of the first settlers of our Municipality, the Dulangan Manobos. Given that July is also considered as “Nutrition Month” it will also serve as a strategy of the present administration’s commitment in Combating Malnutrition.



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