Emmanuel albano

Municipal Agriculturist


Amilbahar A. Abdulgani                                   Supervisor Agriculturist
Reno E. Berico                                                Agricultural Technologist
Gregorio D. Pernato                                        Agricultural Technologist
Gilbert D. Ventura                                          Agricultural Technologist
Elvira C. Somoza                                            Agricultural Technologist
Joel G. Balingit                                               Agricultural Technologist
Edgardo B. Nimez                                          Farm Supervisor
Felix B. Gomonit                                            Farm Foreman
David D. Junsay                                             Farm Worker
Leonardo S. Dimafeliz, Jr.                              Farm Worker
Michael P. Macailing                                      Farm Worker
Redecca C. Gorieza                                       Meat Inspector
Alicia B. Lardera                                            Clerk
Leonida N. Mahusay                                      Encoder
Alma G. Albano                                             Agricultural Technologist
Eleazer B. Sencida                                         Agricultural Technologist
Ray L. Aggot                                                 Agricultural Technologist
Saturnino A. Ali                                             Agricultural Technologist
Joel B. Ruiz                                                   Agricultural Technologist
Roger S. Bernales                                          Fishery Technician
Severo B. Ibay, Jr.                                         Farm Worker
Teddy C. Manderico                                       Farm Worker
Anthony E. Nerosa                                         Fishery Aide
Wahab M. Lagayan                                        Utility Worker



Implementation of Agri-Pinoy Program on rice, corn and high value crops such as fruits, vegetables, commercial and industrial crops (coffee, rubber, etc.) in line with the programs and projects of the Department of Agriculture.

Facilitate provision of quality seeds and planting materials and provide technical assistance on production and linkage in marketing of products.


Provide technical assistance on Livestock production such as vaccination, deworming, castration and treatment of stocks. Sustain livestock dispersal of existing stocks, quarantine and meat inspection services.


Management (conservation, development, protection, utilization and disposition) of all fish and fishery aquatic resources within municipal water in line with the program and projects of Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

Improvement of fishing techniques, marine, inland and fish and fishery product utilization.


Organization and Reorganization of Non-Government Organizations (NGO), Peoples Organizations (PO) such as Farmers Association, Rural Improvement Club (women) and 4-H Club (youth) to community. Livelihood projects are extended to qualified POs and NGOs proposing viable and feasible projects to increase farm income through the Mindanao Rural Development Program – Community Fund for Agricultural Development (MRDP-CFAD).

Agricultural and Fishery Council organized in the different barangays and in the municipal level serve as partners in program planning and monitoring/evaluation in program implementation.


Kalamansig a coastal Municipality of Sultan Kudarat Province is very rich in Fishery and Aquatic Resources.

The three major marine ecosystems, mangroves, sea grasses and corals have been naturally grown along the coastline protecting the erosion of sands and gravel and serve as spawning, hiding and breeding grounds of marine fishes and mammals, back 50 years ago.

These natural fish habitat have been found gradually destroyed due to natural and manmade destruction. The natural calamity was caused by heavy floods resulting to soil erosion and siltation which directly affected the marine ecosystem. Aside from this destruction, the crown of thorns inhabiting are depending their food on corals, hence natural corals were found dying.

The man made destruction are mostly caused by high fishing technology, the operation of Moro-Ami Fishing was found very destructive, wherein fishes hiding in the corals were being drive out using heavy objects, dropped in and creating noise under water, all marine fishes are forced to go out and move towards the fish net for catching.

The used of cyanide fishing or poisonous substances to catch Aquarium Fishes is also destructive because natural corals who depend on water and microscopic organism or Zooplanktons could absorb the chemicals used and spread around. The corrals may gradually die.

To remedy natural fish habitat and increase fish stock, the Municipal Government of Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat through the office of Municipal Agricultural Services – Fishery Management Unit and the BFAR Region 12 have initiated the construction of Artificial Reefs made of cement and gravel and designed very attracting modules for the fish to hide and breed.

After a month from installation, Fishermen resident reported that there will several small fishes being attracted to hide on artificial reefs and lately two marine turtles have been caught in the Fish corral “baklad”, just near the artificial reef sites. The marine turtles are indicators that the fish habitats being destroyed before are now beginning to recover.

The marine turtle were released back to water after getting some specific information and its identity.




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