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Kalamansig Spotlight



Kalamansig is a coastal town with white sand beaches and beautiful sunset.  You can hop in from one shore to the other and enjoy the rushing of sea waters.

Have a glimpse of the majestic Kalamansig with the video below:

Courtesy of: Paul John Tan

Spend time in:

Poral Beach




Danawan Island


An inscription on the angular posts of the 150 foot tower erected here in Kalamansig sometime in the 1920’s has just been discovered. The inscription says “CARNEGIE USA 517.”

The belief or as claimed by many that the said tower was built by the Americans for communication purposes may have some truth in it and perhaps correct in a sense.

In a research made by the Kalamansig Website team, it was learned that Carnegie has reference to Andrew Carnegie, born in the U.S.A in 1835 and died in 1919, who became a famous steel magnate of his time in his own country. He supplied most of the steel requirements in many parts of the world that probably included the construction of the tower here in Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines.

This historical Kalamansig solid steel tower have withstood all the challenge of time and nature including the wrath and devastating impact of the intensity 8 earthquake in 1976, tilting it not a bit.

Inspite of its exposure to heat and cool temperature for so long, not a stain of rust has ever been noticed which probably would have spoiled its parts, as any other steel materials do, after more or less 80 years of exposure to the open.


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